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Welcome to Sunny Hill International School & College

Education is the harmonious development of body, mind and soul.It is the only measure to prosper and lead a nation to the higheststage of glories.Atpresent improvement and development in different dimensions. A lot of miraculous changes have taken place in the world due to an unimaginable development of science and technology. To match up with the developing and changing situation of he the global society we have to build up and groom up our new generation as of international standard.the world iis changing very fast towards the present reckless cultural and so called progressive trend in the society is a real threat to our upcoming generation. Saving the young generation from its severe degradation and onslaught is a crying need of the society. Justification of the Establishment of Sunny Hill International School & College: The prevailing education system of Bangladesh has miserably failed to produce qualified citizens of international standard with high moral and ethical values and also failed to meet up the requirements of the nation. The present education policy and system not only failed to fulfill the expectation of the nation but also created worries & anxieties for the conscious parents andguardians. In this situation the nation needs such an educational institution, which will be able to impart an ideal, scientific and technologically advanced education to the students for making them personalities of quality and character. The institution should be capable of building and grooming the learners and would enhance their desired abilities & qualities. Moreover, the institution would aspire to create honest and patriotic true Muslim citizens who will struggle hard to lead the nation to the proper directions.To overcome the shortcoming of the education system locally, the effort of Sunny Hill International School & College is the first step of its journey to fulfill the crying need of the society. It is a nursery of potential learners and it aims at building up the students as good human beings, true Muslims and  effective leaders with combined  knowledge  of science, technology and  moral values. In fact it is based on Islamic principal. Sunny Hill International School & College offers a curriculum that is both creative and values oriented. Here lesson are planned & Prepared keeping in view that those will be creative and life-oriented.Location:Sunny Hill International School & College is located at Shahjalal Uposhahar which is free from all sorts of urban hazards and which is an aristocratic posh area of Sylhet that bears the memory of the great saints Hazrat Shahjalal(R) and Hazrat Shah Paran (R). It stands by the side of main road and near the newly built Shahjalal Bridge on the river Surma.


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